Being Caucasian (Straighter or Looser Curls) & Can I Get Sisterlocks?

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Ladies and gentlemen, if you are the type that holler about Caucasian needed to stay away from African hair style etc., please leave, because ignorant (and yes I believe blacks can be ignorant) of any kind are not accept here. Any hair type can be locks; the question that comes in is how neat you can make the appearance of that person lock. I know a major issue facing straighter hair is the appearance of them. I have seen some great looking locks on straighter type hair, and that alone tells me that they are as committed as you and me in maintaining clean and decent looking locks.

So on to this post. I had more than two guest asked me about getting Sisterlocks on Caucasian type hair (which I assume is very straight hair). I would love to have a consultant or any hair stylist to chime in on a little more on this topic, and provide additional details on their account when dealing with straighter or even looser curls hair type.

Right now as I see it and from my experience when dealing with my daughter doll hair, I don't really see an issue? If you rough up any hair, it can get matted and lock. Now the question that comes into mind is whether the straightness of one hair increase the issue that comes while trying to get mature looking Sisterlocks? I think the fact that the hair is straighter; the issue that may arrive is the merging of one lock, huge amount of unravaling and slippages. Due to the increase issue mention, I would also imagine their retighten time would increase as well. I also believe getting Sisterlocks on straighter hair will require a lot more tendering loving care, and even now, a lot of blacks are not even willing to deal with that.  I honestly believe straighter hair would do better on the route of interlocks though, and have them done a little bigger then Sisterlocks (Brotherlocks). The only reason I state that is because of my own experience with merging of my looser hair while my locks were maturing.

So if you are Caucasian, and are still interested in getting Sisterlocks, you may want to check out Amber Muhammad (her pictures are shown on this blog). She is the only known Caucasian woman that I seen that started the process of installing Sisterlocks on her hair, but you have to understand she also a stylist herself, and maintain Sisterlocks/Dreadlocks for a range of people with different hair types.

-------------UPDATE 1/24/2014-------------

I talked to my consultant, and she stated that she has installed Sisterlocks to Caucasian type hair before, and she was surprised how successful it was. She stated the Caucasian type hair must have some curl definition, and also have rough cuticle in order for the Sisterlocks to take. She also stated that they CAN’T prolong they retighten, because that type of hair get matted easily, and are more prone to bunching than ever. The person she install her Sisterlocks prolong her retighten so much that she had to cut it off because it just got too matted.

You can check out Amber Muhammad Salon here. I mention a lot of terms in this post, please check out this page for the terms and their meaning.

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  1. Kreyola: You are definitely on point here. I have googled "dreadlock help" many times, and I always get websites associated with White people. I suppose it makes sense because their straight hair is a lot more work to force texture into it and make it stay looking neat. Any tips from successful White dreadlock wearers should be shared. Great topic. The White Sisterlocks wearer in your article has fabulous looking Sisterlocks! I still envy those with smaller Sisterlocks than mine, but God knows best. I will work with what I got!

    1. Yeah I greatly admire her Sisterlocks when I first saw her pictures. Like I stated above, I think the main problem is trying to make the lock neater in straighter hair. I did find great example of straighter hair having some awesome looking locks. YouTube example is sosafelix, NedTheDread, and Nicol Kanai.

  2. Kreyola
    I am not opposed to any one of any color wearing their hair as they desire. Hair is a form of expression. I have been told by my loctician, however, that straight hair won't hold sisterlocks and the linked photos on the site you referenced bear that out. The hair in these pictures is a hot mess. It is not at all flattering.

    1. Hot mess??? I seen a whole not worst, but I guess it a matter of opinion.

      I do see the possibility of the Sisterlocks not taking though (heavy on the unraveling no doubt). That is why I think for the long haul, it may be better to have them done bigger and get them interlock or even palm role for a neater appearance on straight hair.

    2. I didn't mean to be harsh and I wasn't referring to Amber's locs (which are lovely) but to the images on her website gallery under "straight locs" . The locs shown in these photos lack the uniformity and precision that is the hallmark of Sisterlocks. Also, they don't appear to be locked, just matted.
      I agree that larger locs do much better on straight hair.

    3. Thinks for the clearing that up!!! I think that is why “the straighter hair” were asking, because they wanted the uniformity, but as I see it, they may not be able to achieve it via Sisterlocks or Brotherlocks. Thanks for commenting once again.

    4. Well...If you take the Consultant Class, Dr Cornwall expressly states that causasian hair is NOT suited to sisterlocks. This is because Caucasian hair would probably never actually lock but would instead MAT and without palm rolling or another technique to incorporate the hair as it grows it can grow to look very very badly and reflect on the sisterlock brand. Dr. Cornwall based this on the way the hair moves and migrates, noting caucasian hair does not automatically bud and lock no matter what kind of knot is placed in the hair.

      Both ladies above have interesting takes on dreads but I would not call either sisterlocks which are emphasized by the GRIDS and the neatness and size of the parts as well as the hair locking and staying within the GRID. The first lady has lots of stray hair and basically looks like very tiny braids or cornrows ending in curls (similar to the treatment of persons with relaxed hair)

      Our trainer stated that in the few cases where caucasians attempted to take sisterlocks or train for it in order to do caucasian hair they were refunded their money and redirected because it was felt that the information about black hair care for sisterlocks is intrinsic and very difficult to learn outside of our culture. In addition, for those who wish to learn in order to do other caucasian hair, we have to remember that sisterlocks is not simply a hair style but a lifestyle and that establishment of sisterlocks is an advertisement for the brand.

      With this in mind any candidate for sisterlocks who does not have the correct partings or incorporation of hair strands (caucasian hair would fall in this category) would not be encouraged because the overall effect not only does not look like sisterlocks (which is specifically a type of hair manipulation suited to and capitalizing on African type hair textures) but also gives the brand a questionable name.

      Everything is not for everyone--this is not about being racially censuring more so, being pragmatic. Neither women above have traditional sisterlocks though they do have very interesting and beautiful braided or manipulated hairstyles in their own right.

    5. Hi seem you are a consultant? What hair type would you say can get sisterlocks (not really looking at race). Would you say only 3c to 4b can have Sisterlocks? Thanks for adding your input in the matter!

    6. Thank you, for that informed and sensible explanation. Kreyola, obviously you're not a consultant or particularly informed on the history and culture of our hair. You're certainly not aware, of why it is consider culture appropriation. It's not ignorant, for people to point out that it is, or point out the obvious flaw in Caucasians trying to have African or African-American hairstyles.

  3. I am an african american women who is considering getting sisterlocks however my hair is straight, It is discouraging reading this because it sounds like my straight hair will not take sisterlocks.

    1. You CAN get sisterlocks don't be discouraged. You need about an inch (if I remember correctly ) of new growth to do the installation. The straight/ permed hair cannot loc but the natural base can. So you can either do it with an inch of new growth and slowly cut your permed ends as time goes or you can big chop and grow your hair to a length you're comfortable with for starting your sisterlocks. It'll grow sooner than you know so don't be discouraged! :)


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