What I Wore: The Plaid Shirt & The Beanie

9:50 AM

Whenever I wear a beanie to work, I always get a chuckle from my coworker due to the fact that I think it cold. To be honest, I have experience cold weather, and I don't think the low 50’s are cold. I just enjoy taking advantage of those low temps because I get to wear my fall gear lol. Anyway...who made up these rules on when to wear beanies anyway???? This post is picture heavy, I had a really hard time picking from so many good shots. Blame it on the fact I'm getting much better with the tripod..yay :).

Okay peeps, I'm breaking out!! I love my current make-up selection, but it seems I have to start taking extra care with my skins??? You think after you have passed your teenager years, you would stop getting acne...ugh. Any tips form acne suffers who wear make-up would be greatly appreciated.

Outfit Consist of Low & High Plaid Shirt | Black Skull Clutch | Wedge Sneakers | Skinny Jeans | Beanie.

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  1. Super cute I love how you layered the necklaces! At night I use African Black Soap blended with Desert Essence organic face wash, then I tone with witch hazel (hate the name but it works), I use an acne treatment gel from Mary Kay. In the morning same routine but after I wash my face I exfoliate with Micheal Todd Organics Jojoba & Charcoal scrub. I moisturize with Ambi daily moisturizer. It seems like a lot but it's been working for me. P.S. personally I use MAC with no issues but I've heard from people who certain brands break them out.

    1. Thanks for the tips!! Need to look into African Black Soup, it seem to have so many uses. Really appreciated the comment as usually.

      P.S> I'm loving MAC make-up, and I foresee me picking up some more when I get a chance.

  2. That shirt makes the outfit, love it x


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