What I Wore: I Borrowed The Boyfriend Jeans?

8:50 AM

I finally purchased my first boyfriend jeans from GAP (it was on the clearances rack :D)! Since I decided to finally get the boyfriend jeans, today concept was gear toward whatever you can find at a guy closets, especially after just leaving his place (*cough*) the following morning. I'm not too thrill with how wrinkle the blazer look after the commute from my place to my work location (where these were taken). I also need to make sure the sun hits my face on future posts so you guys can see my makeup, since I'm getting so much better at it ^_^.

Outfit consist of Maroon Blazer | White Tee | Boyfriend Jeans |  Statement Yellow Necklace | Mustard Yellow Heels. The boyfriend jeans are truly comfortable, but my figure is completely gone in them. This ladies and gentlemen was how I used to dress growing up. I used to always steal my brother’s jeans or pants in general to go to school, and that was purely to hide my figure. It just amazes me now that these jeans are in style now. I was so ahead of the games lol.

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  1. U look awesome I would totally do this look <3


  2. Super cute! Aren't those the most comfortable jeans way better than skinny jeans lol

    1. Thanks Takei! They are way more comfortable than skinny jeans. No wonder guys has no worries as far as clothing are concern lol

  3. Love the touch of yellow! cute outfit! I realise I have been coming to your blog every time and I'm not even following you. Following now on gfc. You can follow me back if you have not yet done so.

    1. Diana I have been following ever since I found you. Love your style :D. Thanks as always for the comments :D

  4. Love the pop of yellow with warm red. Cute.

    1. Thanks Isabella!! Really appreciate the comment :D


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