What I Wore: A Touch of Yellow & Lime

9:13 AM

I found a new spot, but man was it difficult taking my pictures there. The cars that were passing by were ruining my shots, and here I'm rolling my eyes at each of them. Why am I rolling my eyes for? It is business as usually for them, and here I'm taking outfit shots like a crazy woman lol. I also had to get use to the stares, and trust me when I say there were a lot (*chucking*). Hope everyone had an awesome weekend : D. 

Below is my outfit and I thought the pictures came out great in this location. I don't know what is my obsession with waist belts, but I can't help it, I just love them (*shrug*).

I was soooo close to getting all the shots without the camera remote showing. I'm getting better peeps, soon I be a professional lol. Outfit Consist of Wide Trouser Jeans | Navy Shirt | Mustard Heels | Yellow & Lime Clutch | Yellow Waist Belt.

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  1. Really cute! I love the belt I'm a fan of waist belts too..Your sisterlocks are getting so long.

    1. Thanks Takei. Yeah my Sisterlocks are getting long, I'm already thinking about when I will start trimming them. I'm thinking mid-back would be good.

  2. I love the touch of yellow, cute.

  3. I was admiring your Sisterlock long length too! I calculate that your Sisterlocks are about 3.5 years. I went back to your 1.5 years old postings, and my own lock length looks about the same as yours at the 1.5 year mark so I am going to be super thrilled at 3.5 years!!!!! LOL! Lookin' good!

    1. I have to admit; once I had reached this length I stop being obsessive with my Sisterlocks as far as length is concern. Any additional length is bonus to me now :D. Trust me when I say you will have this length before you know it.

  4. Sigma Gamma Rhos would love this outfit! nice!

    1. I love mixing colors! Blue and yellow is one of my favorite color mix, so I'm sure there will be more in the future.


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