Awestruck: Melissa Marzouca is an Actress, Model and Musician who Rocks Sisterlocks

9:09 AM

I happen to see Melissa on Tumblr, and as always, I had to find out who she is. I couldn't find a ton of information on Melissa, but what I did find out was interesting enough to share with you guys. Her Sisterlocks are to die for and her makeup is always on point.

Melissa seems to goes by the name of Katana Malone, and she is an aspiring actress, and a model who reside in sunny South Florida. She   was born in Jamaican, and was pretty much raised in a strong military household. She has been called a nerd all her life, which I can totally related ^_^. Her mission is to encourage young black girls to be themselves and not to conform to what society thing is beautiful. I also found out she can sings which is where her love of music comes from. You can check out her voice here.

She enjoys writing poetry and loves to partake in the fine arts. So far she had movie roles in Uncommon Crusader (2010), The Caribbean Heist (2013) and Charlie's Angels (2011). Right now she works at a Law firm and is a full time parent to a beautiful little girl. You can visit her blog here and if you want to admire her sisterlocks and fashion sense, you can checkout her facebook here.

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  1. Her and her sisterlocks are lovely!

    1. She is gorgeous and I think her sisterlocks length is prefect!

  2. wow beautiful

  3. Oooohhhh!! she is perfect, nice post and pics.

  4. Thanks Kreyola, Love your blog it's so informative. Her hair is gorgeous may everyone woman know they are made in the image of God and are beautiful because He thinks so.

    1. Thanks Isabella ^_^. Really appreciate the comment.

  5. I just showed her the page! Melissa is actually a good friend of mine. This was awesome.

  6. I can honestly say that I have never had such a big smile on my face!!! Thank you so much for this amazing blog and posts!!! Wow! Look forward to chatting with you soon. Would love to speak about it more...

    1. Hi Katana...I don't know if all the information on this post is correct or if you want to add more, so please let me know by sending me your contact information below (contact form is located in the bottom). You could also just send me the update via that form if you want. Your Sisterlocks and makeup looks great and I looking forward to hearing what you have to say :D.


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