What I Wore: Puff & Polka Dots

8:00 AM

I have a couple of outfit pictures that are ready to be release, but I still need to edit a lot of them (meaning that some needs to be crop, adjusting for lighting, etc.) Today though I decided to feature this outfit because A) It is another denim and black look  which I really love. B) I fell in love with it all over again after seeing a similar look worn by Dressed 2D Nines. So like I stated on her blog, I decided to share it today.

My tulle skirt is something that I have been wanting for a while, but the search was rough because I wanted a version that wasn't too puffy, and could be worn discreetly at work. When I acturally saw this polka tulle skirt, the rest was easy. The next remix of this skirt will be with with a graphic tee, so stay tune.

Outfit Consist of Denim Shirt (J Crew Factory) | Tulle Skirt (Boutique) | Wasit Belt (Rainbows) | Skull Clutch (Amazon) | Black Pumps (Target)

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My makeup consist of Favorite Primer | Powder Foundation & Concealer | HardCandy/Covergirl Eyeshadows | Lip color is Trust Issues by Anastasia and prep with the EOS Lip Balm | Blush is Sweet As Cocoa.

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  1. What a cute combination of textures and patterns!! I especially love the edgy touch with your clutch. How genius! I have a denim shirt and tulle skirt hanging in my closet. I must try this for myself. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing your personal style with us :)

  2. Loved how you paired denim shirt with that stunning black skirt!! Great outfit and you look fabulous!! <3

  3. Love this look: creative, elegant and sexy! Especially that pair of black pumps, I am going to Target this weekend for sure.

    From Jing at www.bejingxu.com

  4. love the skirt!

  5. Skirt looks amazing :)
    New post - http://www.sapphireziva.com/2015/12/estee-lauder-advanced-night-repair.html

    xo, kanchan

  6. beautiful outfit love your skirt
    look stunning

  7. That skirt is too cute! :) I love the big bow as well. You look gorgeous x


  8. Wow Kreyola, this outfit is gorgeous! I love the classic D'Orsay heels and pretty lace skirt!

    - Maya at www.TheKelleyDoll.com

  9. Love the dressed up chambray with this black skirt and can't wait to see you style it with a tee. That sounds fun too!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  10. I love the dot detail on the tulle skirt and your belt is cute. You look fab babe.

  11. The skirt is perfect!!! Want to add it to my collection.

  12. You look amazing! I love your style!:)http://freshisyummy.blogspot.com/2015/12/christmas-inspirations-2015.html

  13. I really love you :) I see you for a long time, I'm impressed!

    Can you follow me? I follow you :)
    If you comment my post, I will comment your five posts! :)



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