Myths About Micro Sisterlocks

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There are a lot of myths that goes around the forums, blogs, etc. concerning small locks or micro locks.

I'm going to list the most common ones I have ran across.

1. Sisterlocks (microlocks) breaks or snap easily.
2. Sisterlocks (microlocks) are not good for thin hair.
3. Micro Sisterlocks are not truly natural or dreads.
4. Sisterlocks cause hair thinning.
5. Sisterlocks can't be taken down.
6. Sisterlocks can't be maintain by you (DIYer)

I have micro sisterlocks, and I can tell you right now, NONE of those statements are true. If you decided to go the route of sisterlocks, the pattern your consultant does on your hair is what makes your locks strong, no matter what size it is.

Now here the deal, micro sisterlocks is taboo in the sisterlocks community, most consultant don't want to deal with the time it takes to first install them, as well as the time it takes to retighten them. It very labor intense for your consultant, but if you are willing to pay for the time, and don't mind how long it takes to retighten, then you need to state clearly that you want micro sisterlocks. Caution: If a consultant states that your hair can't be that small, make her tell you the reason and shop around. If more than one consultant tells you the same thing - accept it! Hair type plays a major role on how your sisterlocks will turn out. Leave it to the professionals!

All dreads snap or break, it all depend on how healthy you are, and what type of stress you are putting on your locks. Hair style that put heavy pressure on the root will always at one point or another cause damages that is irreversible. As long as you avoid putting much strain on your locs, your sisterlocks should grow long and beautiful.

Another myth that is ramped, is hair thinning. Hair thinning should not be an issue that you second guess about. If you experience hair thinning then you needs to address it directly by visiting a Dermatologist. Researching about hair thinning is not bad, but you have to be aware that most opinion are just that - OPINIONS. Peace of mind - go see a Dermatologist. So far I lost three locks. The second and third lost loc was all due to hair thinning (from STRESS) and NOT because of the size of my locks. Micro sisterlocks does not cause hair thinning, I know firsthand because my sisterlocks are actually growing where my hair started to thin due to braids, weaves, etc.

Another false information that is spreading around is that sisterlocks CAN'T be maintained by you. That statement is not true. It can be maintain by you! You advised to stick with your consultant for six month (depending how well your locks are doing). There are plenty of videos out there, which shows you how to maintain your locs. So don't worry about being tied to one person forever. If I ever decided to maintain my own locks, I have two options, I can purchase the nappy hair tool & booklet or I can take the retighten class offer by the, and used the sisterlocks tool to retighten my locks. Please keep in mind, if you a DIYer, then you may want to consider the big version of sisterlocks which is the brotherlocks.

Last note: Sisterlocks can't be taken down. That statement is not true, like all dreads, sisterlocks CAN be taken down. There’s plenty of video and how to on taking them down. If you are thinking of taking your sisterlocks down, then maybe you may want to wait before embarking on the sisterlocks journey. I, myself, research sisterlocks for two years before having them install. Sisterlocks will be around, so down worry about jumping in if you are not ready.

As for the statement that sisterlocks are not dreads, well that statement is just silly, and doesn't need to be address.

MYTH BUSTER => Meet My Consulant Sisterlocks

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  1. Thanks, lots of great information. I really want sisterlocks, I'm just nervous that I will get tired, or bored with them.....

  2. You won't get bored with them that for sure. There is no rush in getting sisterlocks, but I know must people who end up getting them, regretted not getting them sooner. Take your time and enjoy researching.

  3. I sometimes wish I went the micro route but I think that my size is perfect for my lifestyle.

  4. Going the route of micro is not easy decision to make. I guess I was forever turned when I saw the ORIGNAL standard size mirolocks on a woman and how pretty I thought it was. I waited until I found someone who could do it like that. I still sometime am fearful but when I look at my locks I fall in love with them all over again. I guess you really need a whole lot of patience to deal with micro sisterlocks (which I found out is the standard small).

  5. i have had sister locks for about 3 weeks now, I love them but they are starting to unravel in different spots, this upsets me,but i get through it. Is this normal...I feel like my consultant wont know where to begin with all this frizz :(.

    1. I have never had even 1 lock unravel on me. Be sure your loctitian (consultant) begins the locks with the reverse 4 pattern and ends with the reverse 4 pattern, even if you have loose curly hair and require other patterns in the middle. A good starting knot and using the reverse 4 pattern is almost iMPOSSIBLE to come out no matter how hair is manipulated/ Many consultants will not do the reverse 4 unless requested though technically, all locks should begin with a reverse 4 (to strengthen the starting knot) and should end in a reverse 4--reverse 4 is the most complex and time consuming pattern so many try to only use the 3 or 4 pattern. I do most hair in reverse 4 especially if the hair has a smooth cuticle and looser movement is not desired.

    2. Interesting information Queenbee....thanks for sharing. I wonder if someone would ask their consultant do the reverse 4 pattern to avoid the unraveling, would that be rude? How would you go about asking a consultant to do that?

  6. @tavia20019 Having unraveling sisterlocks is perfectly normal at 3 week old. If you didn't have any unraveling locks I would say you are one of the rare ones =). The unraveling and frizz will slowly stop as your sisterlocks fully mature. So don't worry to much and enjoy your journey!

  7. Micro locks--I have established (Sisterlocks are not installed they are established) micro locks and no one has complained about the retightening and they DO take longer. I would note that if a person has a thinning head of hair or balding spots they often cannot get micro locks because the parts must be made extra large to find some hair to incorporate to establish the loc. Another reason not to put in micro locks is if a person's hair is too thick. Keep in mind that just because something is okay for one person does not mean it is okay for another.

    Consider this: When a person wants micros--a certain amount of weight will be on those few strands of hair. The normal size of a lock part is often the smallest size which is about 1/4 inch X 1/4 inch. That is tiny. Once that hair begins to grow over time, a LOT of weight is added and pulls on those few strands--keep in mind the shed hair as well as the growing hair combines within the loc and if there are not enough strands anchoring that loc it will break or pop off. this is a matter of physics. While I agree folks can shop around to find someone who will suit their needs, the size of the lock is dependent on the density of the hair on the scalp, the type of hair and the density of the strand as well as considering bald spots and areas of very uneven growth or breakage.

    It is not a good idea to simply rely on wanting a certain size loc because there are many factors that determine what a loc is like--those with thicker hair will often end up with thicker locs over time and those with thinner hair can often retain finer locs for years.

    Even if you get micro locs there is no guarantee they will still be skinny in the end.

    1. Such great information...I hope you continue commenting on my other posts. When I first did this post, so many people were saying sisterlocks (since they are small compare to regular locks) would break off. The rumors were all on the form and on blogs. I did the post to inform people that sisterlocks (or microlocks) are not instantly prone to breakages. I have since stop referring to my sisterlocks as micros because they are consider standard size majority (just micros on the edges).

  8. Thanks for this! Wanna know something interesting? I had a SL consultation yesterday and they sister said there is no such thing as micro SL's. She says there's no mention of them in the book or class. Also said the size will simply be determined by your hair. thoughts anyone?


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