Santorini, Greece: Painted Blue Dome and White Washed Walls

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Santorini was the third island I visited, right after Naxos. If you guys ever plan on visiting Greece, I highly recommend splitting the island hopping between destination that are not to touristy such as Mykonos, Santorini, or Athens. I have already shared my experience with Mykonos here.

My experience at Santorini wasn't as pleasant as Mykonos or Naxos, and that was largely due to the fact that the people there seem to be tired of the tourist. I was a little irritated by the fourth day of dealing with rude ass people. You guys would be very proud of me, because I REALLY held my tongue for the most part (I only snap back once :D). There is only so much yelling and pointing I can take...ugh. Other than the rudeness and the high level of tourist, Santorini was indeed a wonderful place to visit.

Santorini (Part of the Thira Regional Unit)
The amazing thing about all the towns and villages in Santorini are that they are built on the VERY top of the mountains. Since these villages and town are on the very top of the mountains, the sun tend to be very harsh during the day, and at night tend to be cold due to the winds.

Oia is where you will see the majority of the famous blue dome church and the amazing sunset. I decided to stay in Oia, but if you want a little more night life, you better off staying in Fira, which is not as picturesque as Oia, but is equally as beautiful.

Note: If you want to ride the donkey in Santorini, please don't do it in Oia (I don't know how they are treated in Fira). I just know they are extremely harsh with the donkey in Oia. They beat and whip these donkeys up and down to get as much tourist from the bottom to the top of the mountain. My friend and I almost got stampede while climbing up to Oia. I added a picture of the donkey from Oia, and if you go further down you can see the donkeys in Thirasia are treated MUCH better.

Is the modern capital of Santorini, and I just love the markets there. It remind me very much of the Flea Market here in the USA where you can find the best good at a much affordable price.

While visiting Akrotiri, I went to the Red Beach and tour the Minoan Settlement that was buried by the widespread Theran eruption in BC. This evacuation was the closest I came to seeing what the ruin of Pompeii would look like. Due to the eruption, a lot of the artifacts are still amazingly preserved. So far they have found out the Minoans had advanced drainage system and their housing were at least three stories high.

Nea Kameni (Uninhabited Greek Island of Volcanic)
Nea Kameni is island that has dormant volcano that last erupted in 1950. We visit this island as part of a tour. We also went to hot spring due to the volcanic activities in that same area.

Thirasia the Unspoiled Island
Thirasia is where I had my donkey experience, which was extremely scary since the pathway is so narrow, but I considered it a once in a lifetime experience, and did it anyway.

Mykonos and Santorini are two hot destinations for honeymooners and tourist alike. I spend a total of four nights there, and to be honest, I would have spent 2-3 days there, and spend an additional day in Naxos. This concludes my experience in Santorini, up next will be Naxos & Folegandros.

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  1. Great pictures! I loved Santorini and the red beach was my favorite. I still think about the magnificent sunsets!

    Nicole to the Nines

    1. Greece really have some amazing sunset. Just beautiful!!!

  2. wow amazing photos!!

  3. SO beautiful!! We wanted to go there for our honeymoon but it is not hot enough out when we will be going. One day I will get there!!

    1. You will enjoy there. I wonder what time frame you were thinking of going there?

  4. It was amazing how the city was built perfectly into the mountain. Did you see any new construction? It may sounds like a funny question, but it looked nothing like the "track homes" that are built in the USA! Amazing and beautiful - I never thought about visiting Greece.

    1. I didn't notice any new construction in Santorini, some place were just restoring. I did notice new construction in Myknonos, and they remain with the same look and feel just different materials.

      You should visit Greece, a total different experience as in regard to USA.

  5. Girl these pics are Mesmerizing! Did you study photography? And journalism too ... must had a Dang Triple Major! Rhetorical ... those rocks are Smarter than me o_O lol

    Thrilled you had the opportunity to visit there! Scholars, scientists and archaeologists still debate if the Minoans were from Atlantis or if Santorini was Atlantis. But you knew that! Maybe you were standing where Plato spoke of ... never know! Can't help it get caught up in History!

    Sorry they had their tude on in Santorini and abusive to the donkeys in Ola :( Folks spending hard earned money, trying Enjoy themselves and get treated like ish ... who they think is putting food on their plate??? Awww we Always Proud of ya! Know it was Really Bad if you almost snapped at anyone! That's so Wrong! :(

    Going to catch up on yesterdays post now!

    Thanks Sheila! =D

    1. Pictures taking are a constant improvement, but I still do want to take photography classes.

      As for journalism...gurl.... do you know how much I was ripped for my bad writing when I first started this blog???? Till this day I still remember the sting from a twitter user statement about my writing, but I'm stubborn, so I continued to blog and write and google what is correct etc. I still don't think I'm there yet as far as writing is concern (grammar etc.), but I know I have improve greatly compare to the past. Your commit help me pat myself on the back a little because I really did try hard and still trying hard to improve.

      Hope you not working too hard, take care Cheri!

    2. Had to add, was working too hard at work.

      I find it fascinating that the scientist and archeologists are thinking the Minoans were the lost "atlantes" (I mean the stories (Lost City of Atlantis) had to come from somewhere...right?). I didn't add that since it is mostly theories but it was great hearing that Santorini was part of a bigger island that got separate due to the volcano eruption.

    3. You know what's wrong with your writing? Nothing! Too many peeps online seem to go out of their way, like is a contest as who can be the Biggest JackAsses! :(

      I knew a girl from Belize her daddy was a Pastor, she lived on many Caribbean islands. I can hear the Creole in your words. It's Beautiful and Unique and your writing is so Articulate, Detailed, Well Composed and Easy to Follow! Remember that! ;) Better than mine! I'm Dyslexic read fine but spelling sucks! So grammar is Challenge for me and English has slang and dual sounding/spelled/meaning words like ... to, too and two??? o_O

      Yep it's all speculation if it ever existed, but fits Plato's writings and that volcano was Mega Huge! Too bad that twitter user wasn't there! LOL

      Look at you ^ "hope you not working too hard" "was working too hard at work" ^ Mommy, you Busted! LMBO

      Thanks for the Love, Sis! Back at ya! Have Delightful and Restful Day! =D

    4. Had to add, your Daughter is so Blessed! :) And Love your Awestruck articles! Inspiring Role Models! Great Work! :)

    5. LOL...I'm a mommy...thanks for the compliment :D.

  6. Hi Kreyola and thank you for your visit! I have always dreamed of visiting these islands, especially Santorini. Unfortunately I never went. This is a very complete report....kisses,

    1. Thanks Eni K....I always wanted to go Greece too, and I just decided to bit the bullet and do it. You only live once.

  7. Gorgeous photos and great travel tips!
    Xo Miss Erin

    1. Thanks for the visit and the compliment!

  8. Lovely photos.

  9. Wow,those pictures are so beautfiul. I've always wanted to visit Greece. Feels like I just did.

    1. I'm glad I was able to convey how it felt over there. You must visit if you can, pictures and words are not enough.


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