Ugly Sisterlocks Stage? I think Not!

10:37 AM

I'm starting to hear the word "ugly stage" thrown in a lot where sisterlocks (and dreadlocks) are concern. To me, sisterlocks never had an ugly stage, but to others it did. When I did the big chop the previous year (after losing all of my top hair) I wore a wig for the first two months. I had a "work" wig and a "going out" wig (and let me tell you I rocked those wigs pack in those days lol). I thought my natural hair was not meant to be shown. At one point I got tired of the wigs and it issues. For exampe, my scalp would always get so hot and itchy, and wearing wigs all the time made me feel "old".

Once my hair was a decent length, I started wearing it out. Let me tell you (I can laugh at it now) but many of my friends and family members looked at me like I was nuts. They would say "So when are you going to do something with your hair" or "That hair is not professional especially for what you do" or "Girl you have a lot of courage to wear your hair out like that". To me I didn't see anything wrong with my hair, but as you can see, others did. I grew to love my natural hair, and found many interesting facts along the way.

When I first gotten my sisterlocks install, everyone from my family members and friend stated " that sisterlocks?" or "it doesn't even look that good, especially with all the money you spent on it" and to me I was shocked. I thought my babies were just BEAUTIFUL. I guess beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. I still love my sisterlocks with a passions, and that is why I never saw them as being ugly.

If you thinking of getting sisterlocks, and you are worrying about an ugly stage, DON"T! You will not see anything ugly about your sisterlocks. You may complain in the beginning about the length, and the limited option you have, but you will not consider them ugly. Your sisterlock will be something you are proud of and will cherish forever. I included pictures and memories of my early time before I gotten my sisterlocks installed.

Work Wig lolGoing Out WigGoing Out Wig
First Wore OutGrowing Back Final Hair Before Sisterlocks
My Sisterlocks NowStill Growing & Hoping it StaysLoving My Locks

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  1. Love all the different photos, I must say I love the afro's and lock pictures the best!

  2. Thanks V! I agree! I love rocking my afro and now I just love my sisterlocks. Be blessed!

  3. I have to admit- There have been times during the initial months of having sisterlocks when I chided myself for getting them so soon.

    At first my hair looked a little crazy, then I loved how it looked tightly curled.... and then it grew too long for the curls but just didn't look right enough freestyling.

    But, I never, ever regretted my decision to sisterlock my hair. Ever. Even on my so called "ugly" days.

    I think people need to be aware of the locking process, the limited styling options in the beginning, and truly understand what a commitment sisterlocks is. And, if they do, no matter what phase they are going through, they will still love their locs. :)

  4. When I look back, I see that my sisterlocks was a little crazy ^_^. Right now I'm missing that stage believe it or now.


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